Why do we need mics?

I have been to a lot of conferences, networking functions, group workshops and events recently, and there is a common theme, people have an issue with microphones.

Now I have to admit that I thought I was being a bit pedantic when I was getting frustrated with it, but I recently saw a thread on twitter that made me think otherwise.

My goal in life is to see people accepted for who they are and what they bring to the table and that there is equity for everyone.

Yet in so many facets of our lives we only see the world through our own experiences. So, whilst I may be talking about using mics, I am also using this as an opportunity to look at what else we assume in every day life is normal.

So back to mics.

Mics are there to amplify your speech for everyone in the room.

Mics are not only there for the “PEOPLE IN THE BACK”.

They are there so people with levels of hearing loss can hear without straining.
They are there so people can listen above the humdrum of what is going on around them.
They are there so people can hear the important part of your talk when a low flying plane buzzes overhead.
They are there so your speech can be recorded for future use or for webcasts.
They are there for audio induction loops for hearing aids.
They are there so that everyone has an equitable listening experience.

If people can hear you clearly, they are more likely to listen and be engaged.

So, if you are doing any kind of presentation, prepare for a mic. If you move around, ask for a headset or lapel mic, if you are tall or short make the organiser aware so they can prepare the lectern or stand for you, if you feel more comfortable holding your mic, let them know.

Preparing for your presentation, isn’t just about what you say but also how you say it. Take 5 mins and think about what you need to get your point across to everyone in the room. And if the venue can’t cater to your requests you need to think about why you are presenting there.

Knowledge isn’t just about what we know it is about how we share it.


Wise Woman talking to an audience of STEM with a Mic

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