Rocket Woman

What is our WHY!


Engineers touch every part of our lives, from the houses we live in, to the cars that take us to work, the planes that fly us on holiday, the prams that carry our children and the equipment used to help us when we are sick.

Engineers also create the future. They may not always be the bringer of ideas but they are the ones that make ideas reality. They make things happen and they manage the risks.
We need engineers that understand the whole user group.

We need engineers that can draw on a variety of life experiences.


Women make up 51% of the population, therefore 51% of the user group of the majority of things.

Yet women make us less that 20% of all the engineers across all areas of the engineering workforce and in many specialisms it is less than 15%, with some lower that 6%.
For people with diverse backgrounds it is significantly less. If we look at women of colour, indigenous men and women, people who identify as LGBTIQ or people with disabilities, they contribute less than 5% of the engineering workforce together.

Talent Jigsaw

Bringing women in at the beginning is the current area that is being highlighted both with huge amounts of publicity and not insignificant amounts of money.

Yet we are still struggling with what is not only an employment issue but also a cultural one.
These programs are important! We need better visibility in schools of what the workforce of the future requires.

RocketWomen wants to support these initiatives but we also believe there is still a massive gap and a huge missed opportunity.
If we think of women’s employment in Engineering as a leaky pipeline, RocketWoman wants to help plug those holes but we also want to add another tap.

RocketWoman wants to help. Whether is it 2 years or 20 years we want to give those women a chance. We believe that life skills matter. We believe that you don’t need to pick your career for life.