RocketWoman is about creating the future now.

Women have historically played only a small part in the development of our future, and when they have their achievements have been pushed to the back.

RocketWoman wants to address the balance, bring ideas forward and create change for the women in the workplace today.

Focusing on aerospace, aviation and defence industries, RocketWoman wants to create jobs for women and people from non-traditional backgrounds in engineering and STEM roles.

RocketWoman works with organisations and people looking to transfer or upskill their careers into engineering and STEM roles.

Women over 55 to become the fastest-growing category of people experiencing homelessness.

Women make up around 16% of the engineering workforce and less than 0.1% of the aircraft trades.

Women are on average paid less than their male counterparts and there are more male CEO’s called Andrew than there are women CEO’s.

There are women in society that are passionate about technology, about engineering and creating the future, yet believe that these careers are not for them. There are staggering number of women who hold qualifications in engineering and technology yet have never used them.

RocketWoman wants to provide an opportunity to change peoples lives.

So if you have an interest in engineering, aviation, aerospace or defence and feel you never had an opportunity to pursue it, contact us today.

If you have a degree in engineering and have had a career break, never found the right opportunity or are looking for career guidance, contact us today.

Why wait. The future is now. The future is flexible.

Why reach for the sky when you deserve the stars!


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Rocket Woman

Rocket Woman is a full service process to bring diverse individuals into engineering at a later life stage. Rocket Woman is designed to solve three main challenges. Engineering Talent Shortages A lack of diversity in STEM Meaningful and Gainful Employment options for women and diverse people. Rocket Woman delivers a support network to those looking to transition their careers into STEM.