Do we create job adverts that inspire or ones that allow us to put a tick in the box?

When we are advertising jobs, we spend so much time making sure we count people out that sometimes we forget to count people in.

You must have……

You will be able to…….

You have done…..

When I first started in recruitment, I was given the poster you can see above.

This can be bought from the Imperial War Museum

And why I refer to it now, is that is everything a job ad should be and more. Let’s forget the stereotypical pilot for a moment, it is from the 40’s after all.

This is a simple call to action. One where the outcome is the focus. One where we are assuming everyone can do or they will learn to.

One where it is clear what the goal is.

Jobs adverts come in all sorts of ways in society today, yet the most powerful ones focus not on what has been done and what restrictions you place on the role but on the outcome. The solution. Solving the problem that is faced.

If we want to attract more people from diverse backgrounds into STEM careers we need to focus on what they can achieve and how an organisation will support them to achieve it.

Adverts need to look to the future not to the past. Not to what has been but what can be done.

They are a simple call to action.

STEM careers need to advertise the problems that can be solved by being a part of the equation. To butcher Churchill, we need to think not what engineering can do for us but what we can do for engineering.

I tell job seekers that job hunting is a job and must be treated as such. The same needs to apply to job advertising, a job needs to be marketed to appeal not to cause people to change channels.

So, think about how wide the net is that you are casting with the job advert and if you are thinking about problems rather than solutions.

you can help to build me a plane

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