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So why are women working for themselves?

In recent years the term “Mumpreneurs” has hit the headlines, women with young kids taking on the business world by themselves.

When most men take to entrepreneurship, it because they believe in their idea, because they hold the keys to amazing future because they feel they have the network in place to make it work or they have had the experience within the corporate world to make it on their own.

Sadly, this is not the case with the majority of women. Women will turn to their own business when they feel there are no options for them with the traditional employment model.

When women have children, life becomes a series of compromises.

And with every compromise comes judgment.

So, turning to your own business helps minimise compromise and provides the opportunity to earn money and look after children.

What is so appealing about working for yourself?

The biggest factor is flexibility. You are your own boss and you decide when, where and how you work. You are no longer beholden to a manager who believes in “presenteeism” or paid by how any hours you work but how effective you are. No longer do you have to find a way to manage school drop off, rush hour, and eating at your desk so you can make it back for school pickup. Or feel the guilt of another long day at daycare.

Another factor is opportunity. At some point in your life, you become sick of not being who you are supposed to be. And by that, I mean, not recognised, not supported or even respected. And you get to the point where you say that if my ideas aren’t respected here, it doesn’t mean they aren’t great, just that I need to go somewhere they are!

You don’t become an entrepreneur lightly; it is not for the faint of heart or those that don’t like hard work. It is not for those that are easily put off or those that can’t think on their feet. It is not for those that don’t like change or aren’t prepared to learn something new every day.

So, you need to be driven, tenacious, daring, understanding, curious, pertinent and able to grow your network.

All skills that technology businesses would love to have in their talent pool.

Yet they are not available because the industry, even if it does recognise it is moving so slowly that another generation of women won’t even consider STEM careers as the compromises are too great.

But taking on a business for yourself is not all roses because it comes at a career cost. If you fail your experiences don’t count and it looks like you have had even more time out from the business world. Because remember we can only learn when we are doing paid work!

But if you succeed and want to move back you are seen as too big, too individual, too confident.

We cannot win.

So, industry, if you really want more women, you need to provide more opportunity. More options, more choice, more flexibility, more support to both women and men. Because if you don’t women will find another way. You will not only be losing half of the potential talent pool, but you will also be losing ideas and opportunity.

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