What is Rocket Woman?

Rocket Woman is a full service process to bring diverse individuals into engineering at a later life stage.

Rocket Woman is designed to solve three main challenges.

  •         Engineering Talent Shortages
  •          A lack of diversity in STEM
  •          Meaningful and Gainful Employment options for women and diverse people.

Rocket Woman delivers a support network to those looking to transition their careers into STEM.

group of minifigs representing diverse group for rentenion of people

The Rocket Woman Solution

The Process

Industry Engagement Sessions

2hrs – Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Newcastle, Townsville, Geelong

An industry hosted event where industry can pitch their projects, workplace policies, employment opportunities and other benefits to women and diverse people.

This is a chance for industry participants to show what they have on offer and answer the questions that these people have.

Personal Development Sessions – Group

4hrs – Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Newcastle, Townsville

An opportunity to get women and diverse candidates ready for industry. This workshop is tailored to the roles available and the people in attendance. Each participant will also receive a free 1-1 video call post the session to work through their specific challenges.

Topics covered will include, resumes, confidence building, networking, speaking, interview techniques, application processes, industry knowledge, psychometric testing and personality profiling, mentoring, and values alignment.

Do you want us to hold an industry engagement session for you? Do you have technical jobs and opportunities you want to fill with diverse people? We can help – contact us today – info@rocketwoman.com.au

Lego Minifigs representing an industry semir explaining STEM careers

One on One Mentoring

Mentoring sessions to get women job ready. Covering all the topics in the personal development sessions but on a more individual level.


For women and diverse people who are looking to return to the workforce within the next 6-12 months.

Industry placements to gain experience and knowledge within a particular industry or sector. This is a fully supported opportunity to learn on the job, with the view to employment within 12 months. This is a flexible case by case opportunity to work with industry leaders to learn the industry and gain confidence.

Could your organisation support a more seasoned individual? Could you committ to employing a career change for between 4 & 18 hrs a week? – Contact Us Today – info@rocketwoman.com.au

Online Mentoring – Coming Soon

For everyone that works with us, we provide an online support system to help women and diverse candidates transition into their new roles and careers. It is important to us that everyone is an individual and have their needs to respected and supported.

Our online mentoring system provides support in areas such as,

  • Industry Knowledge
  • Life Skills
  • Managing Difficult Conversations
  • Time Management
  • Self Care
  • Support
  • Building Skills
  • Career Building
  • Financial Management
  • Networking

Ongoing Guidance

For our process to work it is important that we provide support throughout the transition process, for the women and diverse candidates who gain permanent employment, so after they have started in the role, we provide,

  • A formalised support structure for at least 12 months following their career transition.

  • Lifetime access to online support.

  • A dedicated support hotline.

  • Regular check in’s with a professional.